Do You Believe It #1; Seth Breedlove

A few months ago I had an idea.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what those in the world of Bigfoot thought about, well, Bigfoot…?

If you haven’t figured it out already, or maybe you’re very (very) new to the wide, wonderful world of Bigfoot….

People have opinions on this thing.

Those include, though are certainly not limited to (Unfortunately, the crazy really has no end…);

Sasquatch is merely an animal.

Sasquatch is an alien.

Sasquatch is an inter-dimensional being.

Sasquatch is something of a caveman.

Sasquatch eats people.

Sasquatch loves people.

Sasquatch lives in caves.

Sasquatch lives in trees.

There are very few Sasquatch.

Sasquatch exist in the hundreds of thousands.

I digress.

I’ve shared my opinion, and it is my intention to continue to do so on and to anyone else who dares ask for it.

However, this series isn’t about my opinion but those of much more prolific Bigfoot personalities, “experts”, researchers, and in this first edition, filmmakers.


Seth Breedlove is an independent film maker and founder of “Small Town Monsters”. STM goes against the grain of traditional Bigfoot media. There are no dramatic reenactments. No re-creations. STM acts as a storyteller of sorts, allowing local eyewitnesses and those most closely involved in small town encounters and legend tell the story as they experienced it.

Seth also hosts the Saswhat podcast where he and co-hosts delve into any number of Bigfoot related topics weekly along with interviews of those heavily involved in the subject.

You can check out my review of STM’s first film, “Minerva Monster” here…

As of the posting of this interview, STM just launched their newest Kickstarter to fund their next film, “Boggy Creek Monster”.

If you read my review of “Minerva Monster” you’ll know how strongly I feel about supporting this kind of Bigfoot media and STM themselves.

Kickstarter supporters receive (along with other STM swag) another film, “Beast of Whitehall” for supporting the production of “Boggy Creek Monster”.

Check out the Boggy Creek Kickstarter campaign here;


*Click the little “K” in the upper right corner of the above picture to be taken to the KickStarter page…

Ever wonder what Seth thinks about what Sasquatch actually is?

What about Seth’s take on “kill versus no kill”?

Look no further….

SB-Seth Breedlove

*Small caveat…I couldn’t help but let some of my own opinions “loose” in the questions. Let’s pretend they are intentionally “tongue in cheek” and not how I really feel…but they are…how I really feel….

STW; Some people claim that Sasquatch is simply a flesh and blood, large, yet to be documented, North American primate. What do you think? Is there anything more to this phenomenon than a large animal?

SB; I don’t simply discount the Native American legends that point toward a more spiritual being, nor do I ignore the bizarre correlation between Bigfoot and UFO reports that occur. However, I think that the evidence that we do have points toward an ape. I think the bulk of reports point toward an ape, I think that the behavior reported suggests an ape, and I believe that most of the non-ape reports tend to be highly questionable.

I’m in the primate camp. However, again, I’m not going to simply discount everything else. I think we just need to approach it all with a very questioning attitude.

STW; Some witnesses claim that they have seen Sasquatch reach heights of 10+ feet. I have my own thoughts about the maximum height a creature could reach while still remaining hidden, regardless of the area it chooses to hide. What are your thoughts? Do they reach the massive proportions some witnesses claim or do you believe they are very large, but not quite that large…
SB; I think the 10 foot Sasquatch is sort of believable depending on where the sightings take place. If I took a report from Ohio of a ten foot tall animal I think I’d find that hard to believe. When you’re dealing with a place like Alaska it sort of fits even within the parameters of Bergmann’s Rule.

Honestly, if we’re going to stretch ourselves to lend credence to the existence of such an animal why NOT a ten foot tall Bigfoot? It makes as much sense as an 8 foot tall one. I draw the line at 37 ½ feet.

STW; A lot of so called “experts” claim that Sasquatch is a blood thirsty, going to break into your home and eat your dog and your significant other, kind of creature. Do you lay awake at night clutching an elephant gun to your chest with one arm while the other is wrapped around your dog and wife, carefully listening for the guttural grunts of an ape outside of your bedroom window? Or are you a non-fear mongering, decent human being, who looks at this issue like a normal, sane person would?
SB; I think the idea of there being an 8 foot tall, hairy ape hiding in the bushes near my campsite terrifying enough without adding kidnapping and murder into the mix. If these things are really murdering everyone that wanders into the woods then this begs the question how have they managed to stay hidden? A bloody thirty, ultra-predator that has such an intense distaste for human-kind would certainly have engaged us in some sort of human/bigfoot civil war by now if this was the case.

Quit using Bigfoot as an excuse to not leave your homes and go for a hike. That’s what I say.

STW; Again, many so called “experts” claim that there are several “types” of Sasquatch with varying heights, weights, and dispositions. Do you believe there are various “species” of Sasquatch or maybe geographical adaptations that have led to inter-species variance? Or do you believe in Unicorn-Squatch?

SB; I believe SOLELY in Unicorn-Squatch. He is the light in our dark days.

No, I don’t think I subscribe to the multi-species idea. It’s a romantic one but it really stretches the imagination to consider such a thing, as far as I’m concerned. Could there be some weird deformed variations of Bigfoot out there? Sure, if a Bigfoot sleeps with his sister or something you’d expect there to be bizarre physical ramifications in the offspring of such a tryst. That’s an entirely different matter though.

The multiple-species concept reminds me of action figure variants. Like, maybe whoever came up with it was simply running out of ideas and decided “gee, y’know with a new coat of paint I bet I could sell another three thousand sasquatches”. I could be way off base…

STW; Many witnesses claim that they have seen Sasquatch with “glowing” eyes. In your opinion, is this eyeshine or do the creatures emit an actual light from their eyes?

SB; It’s not eyeshine, from what I’ve heard. I’ve been very skeptical of the “glowing eye” thing since the very beginning but in the last year I’ve given myself over to it. I mean, the major witnesses in both of my movies recounted it, and I’ve heard other, trustworthy folk mention it as well. I have no clue what it is or what causes it but it doesn’t seem to be typical eyeshine. By which I mean, it’s not reflecting a light.

STW; Many people claim that Sasquatch interact with humans by exchanging “gifts” in predetermined locations. What are your thoughts here? Did you draw Sasquatch for your Secret Santa this year?

SB; I guess it makes a certain amount of sense that someone who has Bigfoots on their property might leave trinkets as a means of testing the animal’s curiosity. And it also makes sense that the creature would leave something in return, perhaps out of curiosity, as well.

The idea of “gifting” though is something else entirely. Exchanging food, and recipes with a family of Sasquatch just sounds like you’re asking for trouble. Also, many times, those who claim this kind of activity are also trying to set themselves up as a sort of Bigfoot beacon or expert communicator.

STW; Many people will argue that the only way to truly prove the existence of Sasquatch is to bring one in, alive or dead, for scientific study. Pictures, videos, and other non-type specimen evidence just isn’t enough. Are you “Pro-Kill” or a hippie?
SB; The problem with this question in general is that you’re questioning the very notion of scientific study. The fact is that a specimen has to be collected to establish a species. Would it suck to see a Bigfoot shot and killed? Heck yes! I think it would. But does science still demand it to decide the subject’s very existence? Yep.

So kill, I guess. If they exist, kill one, prove the species, and protect the rest through conservation and by establishing laws that would protect them on the whole from hunting.

STW; Now, the big one….Many people believe Sasquatch is real. Do you believe it?
SB; I don’t believe it, because I haven’t seen it. This isn’t religion. We’re dealing with a real, flesh & blood animal or nothing, so I don’t have to choose to “believe” jack squat. Show me the dang thing so I can know for myself. The other option is the paranormal or supernatural Sasquatch in which case no one is going to prove anything about it either way so we might as well just pack it in and call it a day.

SB; I think there is no easy answer to this thing. We can’t write off century’s worth of accounts as hearsay or misidentifications or lies. Particularly when certain physical and behavioral aspects of these accounts points toward a real creature. But why don’t we have a body or blood or bone or something after centuries of being here in North America? No, I don’t believe, but I’m open to the possibility, and, like Mulder, I want to believe.


I want to thank Seth for taking the time out of his incredibly busy schedule to sit down and do this interview for me. 

I was incredibly considerate and sent him the questions with less than 2 weeks to go before the Boggy Creek Kickstarter campaign launched. 

Not like he had anything more important to do, right?

You can find, follow, and listen to Seth at…

Small Town Monsters;

Boggy Creek Kickstarter;

Saswhat Podcast; (or simply search for “Saswhat”)

Small Town Monsters FB Page;

Twitter; @SethBreedsLove



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