Where are we now?

Area "X" dirt

If you had asked me years ago, when I first started writing on this site, where “we” (being the bigfoot community) would be in 2019, I’d probably have some incredibly smart comment about how we would have discovered another 47.5 “types” of bigfoot, certain bigfoot “celebrities” would have expanded their brand to include fragrances and bigfoot themed sports supplements, and that I’d be pretty much finished with the subject due to lack of interest, lack of new discoveries, or some deadly combination of both.

Amazingly enough, I would have been wrong on all accounts, especially the last one.

Where I’ve been and what I’ve learned…

The past few years have seen it’s fair share of ups and downs both personally and professionally. Certainly a lot of change outside of my interest in our “friends” in the forest.

That being said, my opinions and ideas regarding all things ‘squatch have shifted almost as much as everything else.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still incredibly skeptical of just about everything related to the subject. In a previous version of this site, I wrote an article called “Confessions of a Reluctant Skeptic” and my ideas in that post still ring true.

I still haven’t seen a bigfoot. Not even close.

I still value critical thinking, objectivity, the scientific method, and plain old common sense over anecdotal stories and “you should believe me just because you should…” encounter stories.

I’m still, more than ever, happy to discuss thoughts, ideas, and opinions regarding sasquatch (and crypids in general) with anyone who’s down for an honest debate using the aformentioned common sense and reason.

However, I find myself debating for the “believer” team a bit more these days.

Some might suggest that’s a welcome change.

Some might suggest I’m going over to the “dark side”


Or, perhaps I’ve had some personal experience that shifted my cynical skepticism into hopeful questioning.

Long story made short (for now);

I went searching and…

I believe I found.